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Wendy Kenyon

Design Leadership Coach

Define your path,


Hi👋 , My name is Wendy, I'm passionate about empowering designers to tackle complex and innovative products through collaboration and leadership.

If you're ready to take charge of your professional development and make your mark in the world of design, I'm here to support you every step of the way!

About Me

My family embraces the breathtaking Pacific Northwest coast in Seattle. I find immense joy in managing my fulfilling career, parenthood, and nurturing my loved ones. Despite the challenges, I seize the opportunity to redefine and achieve my own sense of balance

At work, I am a visionary product designer, believes in the power of design to drive disruptive innovation and shape a better world. As a staff product designer at Meta, I’m currently laser-focused on driving the growth of video products through socially-powered discovery. With a decade of experience, I’ve successfully brought numerous products to life, ranging from monetization products like Amazon Ads and Facebook Ads, to cutting-edge ML-powered search engines, to UX-driven entertaining products such as the Amazon Live shopping platform, Fire TV, Facebook Gaming, and Facebook Videos. I am passionate about leading teams to craft clear product and design strategies that root for real user values.

As a mentor​, I believe that by providing guidance and support, I can help my mentees develop the skills they need to succeed in their careers and create impactful solutions that make a real difference in the world.



2019 - Present

Staff Product Designer

Products areas I once focused on: Facebook Reels, Gaming Videos, Playable Games, Facebook Ads. My strength is to lead design teams crafting design north star vision and strategy, level up other designers through mentorship, and foster collaborative team culture.

2012 - 2019

Sr. UX Design Lead


I once managed a team of 5 designers to support Amazon Live - a live shopping platform which I was one of the founding member, 1st designer to establish the product from 0 to 1. Launched Amazon's first live shopping show Style Code Live. Other successful products I was part of including Kindle & Fire TV Ads, and Search Experience.

2010 - 2012

Sr. UX Designer

Nokia Research Center

I was a lead designer established the new Nokia research center at Shenzhen, China where we focused on disruptive innovation with support of semi-mass production. 

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