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Clients Reviews

As a mentor, I have helped over 100+ paid clients achieve their goals with great success. My coaching approach is grounded in effectiveness, intentionality, and care, as evidenced by a proven track record. Don't just take my word for it - see what some of my satisfied clients have to say:


PD with 3+ yrs experience, seeking coaching to fuel career growth

I have been incredibly fortunate to have Wendy as my UX mentor. From the very beginning, I was captivated by her profound and extensive knowledge in the product design industry. Her sharp insights into the industry were exactly what I had been seeking in a mentor, and I consider myself lucky to have discovered her and become her mentee.


Wendy's mentorship process is thorough and comprehensive. Her genuine passion for sharing authentic knowledge with her mentees is truly inspiring. Prior to each session, she invests time in preparing and understanding my background, which not only helps me but also encourages self-reflection and offers a fresh perspective on my current skills. During our sessions, Wendy consistently provides constructive, concrete, and insightful feedback and suggestions for every question I bring forward. This has significantly deepened my understanding of product design, as well as my career and personal growth.


One aspect I deeply appreciate about Wendy is her mindset and the way she approaches our mentoring sessions. She listens attentively to my concerns and helps me focus on the positive aspects, guiding me to leverage those strengths for personal growth. For instance, during times when I felt frustrated and lacked motivation, Wendy shed light on the concept of resilience. She helped me reframe my perspective and instilled confidence in me, enabling me to overcome challenges with a resilient mindset. Beyond her vast knowledge and insightful guidance, Wendy stands out as a truly exceptional mentor due to her responsibility and warmth towards her mentees. She consistently checks in with me after our sessions, showing genuine concern for my progress and offering additional encouragement and suggestions.


If you are seeking a mentor who can provide profound industry knowledge to foster your career growth and personal development, Wendy is undeniably the best choice. Her expertise, passion, and dedication make her an invaluable mentor who will positively influence your journey.


PD with 3+ yrs experience, seeking guidance on promotion & pay raise

Wendy is an exceptional mentor who provided me with a transformative experience that felt like a career therapy session. Her attention to detail and preparation prior to our mentorship chats was evident and greatly appreciated. What sets Wendy apart is her ability to connect with me on a personal level, taking the time to get to know me as a designer and as an individual beyond my profession. During our sessions, Wendy provided me with actionable insights to achieve my short-term goal of asking for a raise and promotion, while also helping me reflect on my long-term career growth. She not only helped me get in the right mindset during our meetings, but she also proactively followed up with me on my progress toward my goals. I would highly recommend any product designer seeking to unlock their full potential to schedule a session with Wendy. Her expertise and guidance are invaluable, and I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my career.


PD with 4+ yrs experience, seeking advices on interviews and job offers

Wendy helped me deeply reflect on and consider my career exploration.She offered tailored feedback and strategies that were beneficial for my long-term growth and recent job search. I was impressed by Wendy's thoughtful and organized approach to mentoring for design careers. Her empathetic and invested attitude towards her mentee was evident from the beginning. Prior to our first meeting, she took the time to understand my background, past journey, and career goals by creating a document. During our meetings, she listened carefully and shared insightful observations, providing valuable feedback. I am excited to continue working with Wendy, as there is still much more I can learn from her.


Sr. graphic designer, seeking mentorship to transition career to product design

With her sharp mind, Wendy plans each session meticulously. She requests to prepare the agenda, questions, and relevant context before our meetings, and afterwards, she provides detailed feedback. This approach has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of UI/UX design and my project while also gaining valuable insight into the work and thought processes of a designer. Wendy is quick to identify critical issues and offers practical suggestions, demonstrating her impressive expertise. Moreover, beyond the classroom, Wendy is kind and supportive when I am confused, showing a genuine desire to help and giving me confidence and encouragement.


Experienced product designer, seeking coaching on leveling up design skills

Wendy was an exceptional mentor in our one-on-one session, and I strongly endorse her as a design mentor. During the session, Wendy was able to identify areas of improvement in my design process and provide actionable steps on how to address them. Her feedback was specific, constructive, and accompanied by examples to better illustrate her points. I truly appreciated her dedication to understanding my needs before the session, which made the session more productive.


Student, seeking coaching on resume/ portfolio / job interviews

Wendy provided very intentional guidance and feedback on my design portfolio and resume. Her expertise and attention to detail helped me improve my presentation and organization, leading to increased interest from potential employers. She was patient, approachable, and always willing to answer my questions and provide additional support. Overall, I am grateful for Wendy's mentorship, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance on their design portfolio and resume.


Graduate Student, getting resume/portfolio and overall skills ready for job interviews

Wendy is an excellent UX designer and mentor! She is not only professional but also extremely kind and supportive. Her willingness to share her experience and offer assistance made the learning process enjoyable and productive. Wendy's organizational skills are also top-notch; she is always well-prepared with everything we need in the drive file and consistently shows up on time. Overall, I highly recommend Wendy as a UX design mentor to anyone seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in this field!

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